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Popular Ghanaian YouTuber Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Mansion She Acquired In Ghana

by Richmond Setrana


Hi, I’m Tatiana Haina from Ghana. I am a food travel and lifestyle content creator who relocated to Ghana , West Africa from Italy.I share my journey in Africa of the people, food, lifestyle and culture through my lens Food is what I love most. I travel for food just to eat and appreciate every bit of it. I know you will love it 🤗 Please when you see me say ‘ KAIKOMI’ and I will respond ´ You do all’ Much love,

Internet users are gushing over the gorgeous mansion of Ghanaian YouTuber Tatiana Haina, which was shared by “Brothers From Ghana” on YouTube At the time of the interview with Brothers from Ghana, Tatiana explained that she had been in Ghana for four months, but she was back to stay for good Tatiana added that she had been a YouTuber for a year, and her breakthrough in the content creation business started when she began showing off Sunyani, where she lives Ghanaian YouTuber Tatiana Haina has shown her followers the plush mansion in Sunyani, where she stays. The video was shared on YouTube by another YouTube channel called Brothers From Ghana, which interviewed Tatiana in her home.

During the interview, Tatiana revealed that she had been in Ghana for four months after spending a long time away in Europe. She explained that her big break on YouTube came when she started sharing videos of Sunyani on her platform. Watch the interview below.

Watch the interview below.

However, Tatiana confessed that creating YouTube content was not an easy task. Nevertheless, she patted herself for doing her best and achieving some results.

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